It is our mission at Children’s House of Montessori on Camp to be a school that:

*Provides a solid social, emotional, and educational foundation for children while supporting individuality and fostering a love of learning,
*Inspires families to feel confident that their children are safe, happy, and flourishing under our care, and
*Contributes to society by bringing Montessori education to as many children and families as possible.

The Montessori Method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s. It’s a specific child-centered method of education that involves child-led activities (referred to as “work”), classrooms with children of varying ages, and teachers who encourage independence among their pupils. The Montessori Method fosters rigorous self-motivated growth for children in all areas of development: cognitive, emotional, social, and physical.

The Children’s House of Montessori on Camp is structured following these authentic roots developed by Dr. Montessori. We honor the three-hour work cycle, during which the children will be presented lessons by the Guide and are then free to chose their work. Three year old’s may attend morning only; however, four year old’s stay a full day. We are confident that once you become a member of our Montessori community, you will want to stay with us through your child’s Kindergarten year.

We are in the process of preparing for Association of Montessori International (AMI) Recognition and expect to be granted recognition by June 2024. Please read all about the Standards for AMI Montessori Classrooms here.

Director of Education

Taylor Walsh has a BA in Elementary Ed., a MA in Integrative Ed., and an AMI certification in Montessori Primary. She has many years teaching early childhood, including 7 years teaching Montessori, and 5 years as a program manager. She is the proud parent of two former Montessori children. She enjoys gardening and helping out at church.


Ariel Rice has a BA in Psychology, two years of experience in a Montessori preschool, and is currently enrolled in an AMI certificate training program here in CT. She is bilingual (English/Spanish) and enjoys reading and playing with her Maltese Terrier Teacup named Ace.

Teacher Assistants

Ms. Lindsay Fitzgerald has been working in childcare since 2021. She is organized and used to have her own cleaning business too. She is patient and reliable. She enjoys hiking, dining, and playing with her chihuahua “Charlie” at the doggie park.

Ms. Judy has been working in Childcare for 35 years. She has an AS in Early Childhood Education. Judy is a mother of three and grandmother of five. She will be working at CHOM on Camp as a substitute teacher when needed.

Ms. Lindsay

Camera Shy: Ms. Judy

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